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PARCEL PANIC 2 is coming soon!

Right now we are waiting for review. Check out our first video and some screen shots.

Stay tuned!

Parcel Panic 2 shot 1

Parcel Panic 2 shot 2

Parcel Panic 2 shot 3

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Parcel Panic 2 shot 5

Parcel Panic coming soon



Motorblast OUT NOW! We hope you all enjoy the game!

Motorblast Icon and Logo

Choose your racing style: Blow your enemies off the track or overtake them in a fair race - we mixed both styles together to form an insanely brilliant racing mix. 

Jump into the seat of a race car and take the battle to the track - Motorblast takes the racing experience one giant step further!

With the assistance of rockets, guns, mines, shields, rocket thrusters, an EMP device and lots of guts, you have everything it takes to dominate the field!

Motorblast - Coming OUT NOW

Something for everyone:
Whether you like kart games, die-hard racing games or skill games - this is just for you!

Gripping game modes:
The fun never stops as you collect coins, drive through minefields with maximum speed, race against the clock and much more! Be creative and use the items to your advantage! This game will never become boring!

After you have completed all the levels, the infinity mode awaits, in which you can climb the ladder to the online world domination!

Next-generation graphics and physics:
Tired of empty, lifeless worlds? We throw you into a mad jungle universe filled up to the brim with the most details you have ever seen on a mobile device. Although we have taken careful measures that this game looks best even on older devices, it is optimized for the retina displays and the fast new iPhone 5.

Insane damage model:
Literally wreck your car! Each car can be reduced to the bare chassis by crashing into your enemies or taking hits from their weapons. Watch in amazement as your rocket tears your enemy into tiny shrapnel and you run over it.

Multiplayer (needs iOS6):
What would this game be without a good fight beween you and three friends? Challenge then over wireless or bluetooth! Multiplayer requires iOS6 to play!

Enough! Give me the details:
Campaign with more than 60 missions, 10 game modes and 7 spectacular tracks. The player can collect different weapons (rocket, EMP, machine gun, mines) and powerups (shield, boost) to punch through the pack of computer-controlled or multiplayer enemies.


Stay tuned and check out the latest news on our facebook page.

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Preview: "Motorblast" optimized for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

Preview footage of our brand new racing shooter for iOS, with specifically optimized graphics for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The game is all about fast-paced single and multiplayer car racing with collectible weapons ranging from machine guns to explosive mines and heat-seeking missiles.

Our own M4D Engine has been massively improved by adding

- extensive normal map support
- rapid and scalable foliage system
- dynamic lighting effects.
- and much more to come!

Stay tuned for more information!

Please note that the content you are watching represents a preview in a very early stage of development and is going to be refined and improved a lot further until its release.

Uber Racer receives its biggest update ever!

Hi folks! Mad Processor is proud to announce that UBER RACER 3D - SANDSTORM v1.3 is OUT NOW!

Whats new: game center, new cars, polished graphics and more ...

Here is a screen shots which compare the old v1.2.1 with new polished v1.3 look! We hope you'll love it like we do!

Check out the UPDATE VIDEO